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Nuda #2

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151 pages
Dual cover, one cover on the front and one on the back
Independent print

"The gravel leave dimples in my palms. A car runs a red light, blasting Champagne Supernova out its open windows. I sit up, pull my calf closer.

Threads of denim all gooey and red. From the gash I pick sprinkles of grit, a splinter. Acrylic nails acting as tweezers.

The other hand reach for the piece of orange lying on the concrete - the five second rule. Somebody catch me in action. My neck might be blushing but my smile is summer, orange pulp stuck between my teeth. "

Karin "Kakan" Hermansson
Nicole Walker
Malin Gabriella Nordin
Ari King
Märta Thisner
Anton Alvarez
Michael Beutler
Werner Aisslinger
Ib Kamara
Sandra Mujinga
Naomi Akvama
Frida Vega S
+ many more

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Nuda Paper

Independent print from Stockholm.